//[Lab No] Suncream safe tone up SPF50+ /PA++++ (Sun screen)

[Lab No] Suncream safe tone up SPF50+ /PA++++ (Sun screen)

who needs a best Korean sunscreen?
Here we are, AWESOME POUCH is introducing the best sunscreen for sensitive skin!

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Have you ever heard of the most famous cosmetic counter called ‘kolmar’?

Today, I’m going to be showing you a sunscreen from Kolmar- ‘SAFE TONE UP’

What does it mean by tone up?
The term tone up is used in Korean cosmetic media to describe make up products that

NATURALLY brighten your skin without making it too pale!


Why is it called a safe sunscreen?
This sunscreen has been selected to TOP 7 sunscreen for sensitive skin Korean media,

which all ingredients are ‘safe’ on your skin!

Which means! ALL ingredients were rated 1 or 2 out of 10 on the chance it would damage your skin,

which the ingredients from the other sunscreens were rated at least 5-6 and even 9!


SO, this sunscreen has rated ZERO out of 10 from the chance to damage skin (OMG)

It is highly recommended in Korean media for a sunscreen that can also be used for both mum and baby.

THAT’S WHY it is very popular in Korea as it has a very low chance to damage your skin and has a very high chance to protect your skin from the sun!

This sunscreen has very high UV index of SPF50+ and PA++++,

which is the highest level of the sun protection that the sunscreen could have! (OMG)

Not just for sensitive skins, it is also suitable to apply before you wear make up on as it

absorbs onto your skin very well and might look like you are wearing a thin make up on already!

it’s your turn to discover the perfect sunscreen on your skin!

buy : http://awesomepouch.com/product/4sp-safe-tone-up-sun-cream-labno/

[Lab No] Suncream safe tone up SPF50+ /PA++++ (Sun screen)

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